Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Save the Princess (Trailer) - with VenetianPrincess as Zelda

Hey, guess what? We're blogging our own video! Yay! This is our second one that qualifies for this blog (the first was Who Would Win: Ash from Pokemon VS Ash from Army of Darkness).

VenetianPrincess stars as Princess Zelda in this new "The Legend of Zelda" parody animation from TheAnimationEmpire and WillemWorks.

What part was funniest?

Starring (in the order they are listed):

Venetian Princess - Princess Zelda
Mike Elmore - Narrator
Ed 'word' Price - Dragon Boat

Check out the Venetian Princess channel (her VP Trailer will blow you away):

Production credits:

Designed and Animated by Willem Serne. Produced by Ed 'word' Price. Directed by Willem and Ed. Written by Ed with Story Assistance by Willem.

Check out the Willem Works channel. We recommend "Metal Gear Solid Story":

Also, here is Willem's website:

This was animated in Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie Maker. The song is from The Rabbit Joint (popularly thought of as a joke from System of a Down).

So, yeah. If you thought this trailer was funny, wait until you see the rest of it!!!


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