Sunday, November 25, 2007

Metal Gear - CRAB BATTLE! - Animation

Solid Snake doesn't do so well in this animation.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Funny Lightsaber Commercial - Pikachu animation

Features a nice Pikachu animation.

Warning: Language and nastiness.

Special Effects (Zelda, Pokemon tests included)

Check out some great Zelda and Pokemon clips.

Pokemon Fight - Kung Fu Style, Stop-Motion Animation

This is great. House of Flying Pikachus.

Luigi in the real world - Stop Motion Animation

Warning: Language and violence.

Toby brings Luigi into the real world. Luigi takes Smash Brothers personally.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ultimate showdown of ultimate Smash Destiny - Smash Brothers footage

Some loose interpretations of the words. =^)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

F-Zero Over the years - Game footage

"F-Zero - F-Zero is a futuristic fast-paced racing game developed and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was first released in Japan on November 21, 1990 and later in North America on August 13, 1991 and in Europe on June 4, 1992. Its success led to a series of games for multiple Nintendo consoles, handhelds, and arcade.

BS F-Zero Grand Prix - BS F-Zero Grand Prix is a Satellaview-X competition version of the original F-Zero game, which was never released outside of Japan. The player goes against other racers to strive to win the F-Zero Grand Prix. Subscribers to the satellite system system gets a new circuit with the original 15 circuits.

F-Zero X - F-Zero X is a video game for the Nintendo 64 console. It debuted in Japan on July 14, 1998, in North America on September 30, 1998, and in Europe on November 6, 1998.The game sold 56,457 copies during its first week of sale in Japan.The North American release of F-Zero X supposedly suffered from a three month delay due to Nintendo of America's then release policy of spacing the release of first-party games out evenly.F-Zero X is the third installment of Nintendo's F-Zero series.

F-Zero GX - F-Zero GX is a futuristic racing game taking place in the 26th century. Pilots race plasma-powered hovercars in an intergalactic Grand Prix at speeds that can exceed over 2000 km/h. The game is noteworthy for its visuals, intense action, high level of difficulty and for its very high sense of speed. There is a large amount of variety in the track design, including loops, half-pipes, cylinders, and jumps. Some courses have innate obstacles like dirt patches, mines, tricky jumps, and magnetic tubes to navigate.Before a race, the player is given the opportunity to adjust their vehicle's balance between maximum acceleration and maximum top speed.

F-Zero Maximum velocity - F-Zero Maximum Velocity (F-Zero for Game Boy Advance in Japan) is a futuristic racing game for Game Boy Advance. It is the fourth video game in the F-Zero series, but the first to be released on a handheld game console. Maximum Velocity is the first title developed by first party subsidiary NDCUBE. It is a completely original sequel of the F-Zero franchise.[1] It allows for competition against simulated opponents or human opponents.

F-Zero GP Legend - F-Zero GP Legend (F-ZERO Farukon Densetsu?) is a reboot anime series based on Nintendo's F-Zero franchise. The anime airs on TV Tokyo in Japan. In North America, the anime, licensed by 4Kids Entertainment, aired for a short while on the FoxBox, now called 4Kids TV. There are a total of 51 episodes. Even though the title, "F-Zero: Falcon Densetsu", is translated as F-Zero: Falcon Traditions or F-Zero: Legend of Falcon, Captain Falcon is not the main character. The anime stars Rick Wheeler (Ryu Suzaku in the original Japanese version). Rick was frozen for 150 years after a fatal car accident.

F-Zero Climax - F-Zero Climax is an futuristic racing video game developed for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance handheld. It was released exclusively in Japan on October 21, 2004. Climax is the eighth installment in the F-Zero series and the third to be released for the Game Boy Advance.Like its handheld predecessor, F-Zero GP Legend, it was developed by both Nintendo and Suzak and published by Nintendo. This is the first F-Zero game to have a built-in track editor without the need for an expansion or add-on."

F-Zero Falcon Densetsu commercial (TV Tokyo)

Commercial for the F-Zero anime.

F-ZERO GP Legend (GBA) Japanese Commercial

F-ZERO GP for the GBA. Includes clips from the anime.

f-zero GX - commercial

Commercial for F-Zero GX on Nintendo GameCube.

F-Zero Falcon Densetsu Episode 4 Part 1 - Anime

"Lucy is now part of the super mobility squad. Ryu has gone to Red Canyon to find the stolen medicine that a child needs to be cured. He however runs into trouble with the locals
This is the first appearance of Samurai Goroh."

From F-Zero anime

F-Zero Falcon Densetsu Episode 3 Part 2 - Anime

"Ryu gets the blame for the Dragon Bird being damaged but Lucy feels guilty about the damage caused as she feels it is her fault, when they notice this though the rest of the crew help to repair the Dragon B."

From the F-Zero anime

F-Zero Falcon Densetsu Episode 3 Part 1 - Anime

"Lucy Liberty is helping out with the Super Mobility Squad and tries the Dragon Bird out for a run which goes disasterous
The first appearance of Zoda (in current form not human), Dark Soldiers or androids and Baba."

From the F-Zero anime.

F-Zero Falcon Densetsu Episode 2 Part 2 - Anime

"Ryu tries to stop a gang from attacking a bus. but Captain Falcon appears and the gang runs away, he wants a match with Ryu so Ryu enters the race but againist Jody's orders."

F-Zero anime

F-Zero Falcon Densetsu Episode 2 Part 1 - Anime

"Ryu has struggled againist Jack and cannot compete in the races
This is the first appearance of Bart Lemming, Captain Falcon and Lucy Liberty."

The F-Zero anime.

F-Zero Falcon Densetsu Episode 1 Part 2

This is from the F-Zero anime.

"Ryu meets Jody, Dr Stewart and Jack but he has trouble getting used to life in 2201. When he finds out that Zoda is also there he joins the mobility squad to fight him."

F-Zero Falcon Densetsu Episode 1 Part 1 - Anime

This is from the F-Zero anime.

"The start of F-Zero Falcon Densetsu
This episode gets to know who Ryu Suzaku is and how he got into the f-zero era."

Falcon puuuunch!!! - Fan Made

So a fan put the Falcon Punch anime audio to some Super Smash Bros. Brawl video.

Falcon Punch - Anime video

A video from the F-Zero anime.

F-ZERO Falcon Densetsu 6 : Falcon PUNCH !

From the F-Zero Anime.

"The 6th video of F-ZERO Falcon Densetsu !

Monday, November 19, 2007

Fan Made - the Super Mario bros. Rap

The two well-made Mario bits are from actual Mario commercials.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Super Mario Bros Z Episode 1 - Fan Made Animation

Here's an interesting Mario animation series.

Bowser sings Ignorance Is Bliss - Fan-Made Animation

Bowser sings Ignorance is Bliss. Enjoy!

Fan Made - EarthBound Saga - Chapter 3

Another crazy chapter. This one is 16 minutes long. Chapter 4 comes out in 2008.

Fan Made - EarthBound Saga - Chapter 2

The stupidity continues.

Fan Made - Earthbound Saga - Chapter 1

Slow at parts, but it shows off the weirdness that is Earhbound (Mother).

Star Fox: Headlock - Clips of Star Fox Assault

Nice edit of Star Fox clips to some music.

Music is "Hollow" by Submersed

StarFox Feels the Love Tonight - Sims Animation

I'm not counting this as an animation since it was made inside a videogame. However, it is well made.

Star Fox Misadventures - Fan Made Animation


Annoying at parts, but funny at other parts.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fox McCloud: Cute tail wagging music video

" noted that Fox McCloud wags his tail to the rhythm of the Dr. Mario music. So here is Fox McCloud wagging the cute tail to the tune of Dr. Mario! Isn't this mega-cute or what?! Fox is a cute fox!"

Here's one comment:
"Somehow I got really addicted to this video. @_@"


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fan Made - Super Smash Bros. Murder 1-3 (Animation)

Warning: Blood and Gore galore!

Wait it out to get to the end, which is where Episode 3 is. It's really well done.


Fan Made - Super Smash Bros. Murder pt.2 (Animation)

The magic continues.

My favorite reference here was Duck Hunt.


Fan Made - Super Smash Bros Murder pt 1 (Animation)

Warning: Animated violence and gore.

I love the reference to Balloon Fight.


The Legend of Zelda - System of a Down

Video done with some kids to the System of a Down song for Zelda.

"Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was a warrior elf destined to save the Princess Zelda...
"Legend of Zelda"- System of a Down
Music Parody"

Saturday, November 10, 2007

NES The Legend of Zelda Ending

Here's the ending of the original NES Zelda game. Enjoy!

Ganon Knows Best - Super Smash Brothers Animation

Warning: Blood and violence

This is pretty insane! The voices are bad, the drawings are good, and you'll get references to so many Nintendo games. This has me wishing Wart was in Smash Bros. This story is all over the place, so it makes no sense. But this is worth watching just to see all the Nintendo references.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Who Would Win 4: Ash - Army of Darkness or Ash - Pokemon?

Would a boy with Pokeballs be able to defeat a man with a chainsaw and a shotgun? What if those Pokeballs had any Pokemon in them?

TheAnimationEmpire presents Who Would Win 4: Ash from Army of Darkness or Ash from Pokemon? Directed by MattyO. Written by Ed 'word' Price. Edited by MattyO and Ed.

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The voice "Run home and cry to momma" that we feature at the end of these videos is Ash from Army of Darkness. Our nostalgic silliness comes full circle!!!

Army of Darkness was directed by Sam Raimi, who did Hercules, Xena, Darkman, and he directed the Spider-man movies.

References: Pokemon, Blastoise, Charizard, Pikachu, and Mewtwo.

"He would wow him with science."

Thanks for watching! We did the 3D logo in this video.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Game Footage - Remember the Original Punch-Out Arcade?

Not Little Mac, but there's Glass Joe. Piston Honda was Piston Hurricane (black). Bald Bull's there. Kid Quick didn't make it to the NES game. Pizza Pasta? LOL. Mr. Sandman made it, of course. I wish I had green hair.

Game Footage - punch-out nintendo nes mike tyson round 1 tko

This guy beats Mike Tyson in the first round of Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Commercial - Star Fox SNES TV Commercial (1993)

"This is the 1993 TV commercial for the SNES game, Star Fox."

Commercial - A Link to the Past Commercial: Master Sword

"Commercial for A Link to the Past for SNES."

Commercial - The Legend of Zelda - A Link to The Past Commercial, GBA, Japanese

Four Swords for GBA.

Commercial - Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island GBA Commercial

"The commercial for the remake of the SNES game Yoshi's Island for the Gameboy Advance."

Commercial - The Legend of Zelda: A Link To Past Japanese Commercial


"A commercial made in Japan in 1991 for The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past."

Commercial - Super Mario Kart TV spot (Japanese)


Commercial - Super Mario Kart Commercial

Nice animated commercial of Super Mario Kart for the SNES.

Commercial - Mario Kart Japanese commercial: GBA

"A nice Japanese anime Mario Kart super circut commercial."

Commercial - Mario Kart 64 TV spot 1 (Japanese)

English translation(loose translation):
"Mario Kart 64 gonna be finally released! You can experience its so exciting race ONLY on Nintendo 64! One, two, three, four players battle gonna make you crazy!! Mario Kart 64, come with two-coloured controller."


Commercial - Super Mario Kart

"Commercial for the Super Mario Kart game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System"



Fan Made - meta knight´s video, weird

Metaknight is from Kirby's games. These cuts are taken from the anime.


Fan Made - 3D Kirby vs meta knight

This was made by a fan in Blender.


Cartoons - Kirby of the Stars Pilot

"A kind of prototype short made before the actual anime. I got it on a special edition DVD thing."


Fan Made - KIRBY AMV: Gangster blues

Shots from the Kirby cartoon.


Fan Made - Kirby Battles

Shots of the Kirby animation set to music.


Fan Made - Metal Gear/The Ring

Solid Snake versus the Ring.