Monday, January 7, 2008

Sonic The hedgehog the Movie

Sonic The hedgehog the Movie Part 1

From the description:

0:55:Eggman(Dr Robotnik):umm usually Robotnik always uses the word "destroy" as a much less harmful word than using the word "kill" =O

1:05-1:50:(To all Sonic Fans): The-Famous-Theme-Song-that-the-directors -never-made-the-mp3-file-for-their-fans- to-listen-to xD

3:37:Tails: Tails surprisingly says "GO TO HELL!"

5:40-6:30:Cutscene: The Tornado Cut scene is kinda similar to Sonic X's Torndao Cut scenes.

6:54:Building: Is that the white house!?

7:13:Robot: The robots make the pokeball sound when it opens xD

9:13:Tails:Nothing special, but i just noticed...TAILS SLEEPS ON HIS OWN TAILS!

9;23:Pervert: Sara is holding one of the robots in a perverted way.

Sonic the hedgehog: The movie part 2

1:31:Video Game Timer:WTF They have a unlimited time to beat the crap out of them?

2:25:Robot: Just to say, i think thats funny "Goodbye Sara!"

4:18:Spikes:WTF i thought they cant be broken

4:14:Tails:(srry for displacement of order) Dosent tails in the video games start to use his tails and they will act like an airplane while he hovers, not runs.

7:35 and throughout the movie:Teleportation: Sonic and Tails and Metal Sonic seem to act like in Dragon Ball, where they can teleport from ofther places.

7:58:Finger:The most famous of all quick scans, SONIC FLIPS OF ROBOTNIK.

9:30:Trick:Ok how did they do it, look closely, when Metal Robotnik shot them, he hit the concrete, so the contrete fell, Sonic and Tails got out of the concrete and hanged on to a distant cord, while the concrete falls in the water and sonic and tails fakes it, common sense xD

9:49:Tails:Umm btw thats not lightening, that was Metal Robotnik firing at a wall or something

9:49:Gay relationship: Tails hugged sonic!

Sonic the hedgehog: The movie Part 3

0:42:Knuckles: Knuckles is wearing the same hat that Fang wore in Sonic Triple Trouble!

2:18:Knuckles: Originally, Knuckles was suppose to say "SHIT!", but the dub decided to put "Now im stuck!"

4:40-5:23:Song: The song playing is "look-a-like" but the lyrics are kinda off, this must be an original version of the song

Throughout the Movie Knuckles is wearing sunglasses that are unlockable in Sonic Adventure Battle 2

Sonic The hedgehog The movie: Sonic VS Metal Sonic

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